Types of Divan Bases

While your choice of bed frame will contribute to the design of your bedroom, its key function is to create a reliable and supportive base for your mattress.


The most popular choice of bed base in the UK is the divan style. These come in all shapes and sizes. A divan is essentially a box on castor wheels or legs, which provides a base for a mattress. There are two primary types of divan base:

Platform top divan – Also referred to as “hard top” or “boarded top”. A platform top divan provides a firm, supportive surface for your mattress. The base is constructed from a solid timber frame and a non-sprung panel top upholstered with a fabric cover. A platform top divan is the most economical choice and ideal for use with an orthopaedic mattress, where very firm levels of back support are required.

Sprung divan base – Sprung base divans are more expensive, but are a more luxurious option, featuring a top layer of shock absorbing springs running from edge to edge.

Sprung base divans come in two styles; sprung edge and firm edge, with each offering cushioned support.

Sprung edge bases have open coils or pocket spring units, which enhance the work of a mattress and prolong its lifespan.

Firm edge bases have a solid wood frame that surrounds the spring unit, proving another supportive layer to prevent the feeling of roll off.

Some divans also feature ottoman style storage, or drawer storage within the base at an additional cost.

The price of a divan base depends on the amount of spring support included and on the size. As a general guideline you should expect prices to start from £150 for a single platform top divan, £250 for a double, £300 for a king, and £350 for a super king. Expect to pay more for sprung divan bases and to add storage. If you would like a headboard, don’t forget to factor additional funds, as this is not included in the base price.


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