Types of Bed Frames

There are many textures to consider, when choosing a bed frame; including polished or painted metal, the natural beauty of wood, fabric upholstery, and leather. For technology lovers, you may wish to consider a bed frame with inbuilt lighting, charging points or a television.

It is also important to think about stylish integration with other furniture in the room. You may prefer a new bed accompanied by additional pieces from a matching range, or wish to introduce new colours and textures into your room scheme.

Solid Wooden Frame Beds

A solid wooden bed frame is made to last, providing enduring style. Consider whether you would like a design with inbuilt storage drawers. Popular finishes for wooden beds include traditional pine, durable rubberwood, oak, wild cherry, mahogany and walnut, or painted wood. The price of each bed will depend on the variety of wood and the amount of wood used within the construction, ranging from £100 to thousands of pounds. A high quality, timeless wooden bed frame can last for generations and as such, these often become heirloom pieces, or highly sought after antiques.

Metal Frame Beds

Traditional wrought iron bed frames add a touch of country romance to any bedroom, while modern metal bedframes come in an array of sleek finishes, from polished to painted. Metal is an extremely versatile material for bed frames, with styles ranging from ornate rails and finials to minimalist, urban chic.

Leather Beds

Leather beds and headboards are the ultimate in modern bedroom luxury. Depending on your budget, leather beds can be manufactured from faux leather or real leather. Leather bed frames are stylish, durable and easy to clean, but you might want to keep the cat at bay!

The cost of a high quality leather bed varies depending on the style and build, factoring extra for ottoman style storage.

Fabric Beds

A beautifully upholstered bed says comfort and elegance. Whether you prefer a contemporary or a classic style, the wide variety of colours and materials on offer ensures your bed will look stunning in any setting. Upholstered beds do require ongoing upkeep to keep them looking their best. Vacuum the bed weekly to prevent dust from becoming engrained and remove any spots or stains using products recommended by the manufacturer.

A single fabric bed can be purchased from £150, however prices will vary depending on the quality of the fabric and upholstery.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are fast becoming a popular choice in the UK, as they can be adjusted into different positions to provide greater comfort for eating, reading and sleeping without getting out of bed. This makes adjustable beds ideal for people with health problems and people who require a raised sleeping position.

Adjustable beds have slats or springs which allow sections to be re-positioned. To ensure a perfect mattress fit, these beds come with an integral mattress. Costs range from around £700 to several thousand pounds.

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