How To Choose The Right Headboard

Headboards are a focal point in your bedroom. Headboards also contribute to your comfort when sitting up in bed. The following tips should have you resting comfortably:

If you regularly use your bed for reading or watching television, or operate a laptop in bed, a padded leather or upholstered headboard is a good option. Choose from traditional deep buttoning, or linear, modern styles. Dark colours are better at disguising surface marks

Metal or wooden headboards are less comfortable, but contribute to beautiful style and are easier to maintain. Support can be increased with additional pillows

If you’re buying a new bed, it makes practical sense to source the bed and headboard together, or to choose a style with an integral headboard to save expense

A freestanding headboard is a great choice if you like the freedom of decorating / updating your style regularly

Always check the fittings on the bed, to ensure the headboard will be compatible

Headboards that are wider than the bed create a contemporary hotel look, while tall headboards are an opulent statement

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