The Top 5 Storage Beds Available At Bedknobs

Are you wondering about where you can find some extra inches of space? Storage beds can give you metres! Here are five of our best-selling storage beds.

 1) Abbey Ottoman

Available in a range of sizes and materials that will give any space a boost, this no-nonsense bed combines clean modern luxury with engineering excellence. This bed is designed to not only maximise storage potential, but to enable ease of access.

Expect generous space that makes use of the whole 4ft by 6ft area, combined with impressive levels of comfort.


2) Grove Ottoman Side-Lift

Not all spaces are ideal for lifting up a bed lengthways to access storage. Whether it’s a hanging light fixture or a low ceiling, something may get in the way. The Grove Ottoman Side-Lift opens sideways, so that the bed becomes a large chest.

One of the best features of this product – which has the same size and depth dimensions as a divan bed – is its wooden base. This keeps your belongings dust (and spider!) free.


3) Ella Oak Finish Double

If you like an elegant, comfortable wooden bed with integrated storage then look no further. This beautiful bed has good looks on the outside and good sense on the inside – a winning combination!

Its simple lift system, which reveals a maximised storage space, makes access effortless.


4) Dalton End Drawer Double

If you want full access without having to unmake the bed first, this attractive smoky grey bed has an ample foot-end storage drawer. The storage is discretely integrated into the overall aesthetic for a stylish solution.


5) Kelsey Double

Sometimes only a classic bed will do: sturdy, carved, wooden spindles, with warming honey-coloured wood, and a strong sense of quality. This timeless piece of design is ideal for heritage properties, cottages, and classic themes. Two drawers are built into the solid oak frame, maximising storage space and keeping clothes and linen clean and fresh.


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