The Sinclair Bunk Bed: The Perfect Bed For Your Children

Are you looking for a reliable, safe, and comfortable bed for your little ones? As adults, we tend to collapse into bed at night, oblivious to little more than the looming threat of the alarm clock. For children, bedtime is different. It can be a magical time, or a time to hold whispered conversations with siblings, or simply a time spent lying awake in excitement about the new day ahead.

This means that children’s beds are especially important. And, with school age children needing between 10 and 12 hours of sleep a night, beds are an investment that can have a real impact on a child’s development.

One of our best value children’s beds is the Sinclair Bunk Bed. Here’s why!


There are many reasons why bunk-bed sturdiness matters. For many adventurous little souls, bunk-beds are automatic climbing frames. This is great fun. However, low quality beds are prone to creaking or movement in the bed frame, which can disturb your child’s sleep.

Sturdy beds remain strong, safe, and silent, even after energetic play sessions.

Great Design

The Sinclair is designed with style, accessibility, and safety in mind. The clean lines of the bed means that both younger and older children find it attractive.  The ‘triple’ bunk element, with the lower bunk being a double bed, gives added practicality. Perfect for sleepovers, or for when reading a story to your child in bed. The double bed feature is also good for older children who need a bit more space.

Easy Climb, Angled Ladder

An angled ladder is an enhanced safety feature. It means that if sleepy children lose their footing, they won’t descend to earth with a bump.

Guard Rails

The Sinclair’s robust guard rails keep children safe from accidental rolling, whilst also offering excellent ventilation.

What Next?

If you’re considering investing in a bunk bed for your children, come and visit our showroom. We can advise on different options, and the kids can give their opinions!

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