Summer 2018 Sale Now On!

We are delighted to announce that our Summer 2018 Sale is now on, with huge savings available on all beds and mattresses. To view our full stock, head over to, or why not visit us in person at either of our two showrooms – in Hemel Hempstead or St Albans.

Keeping Comfy On Hot Nights

Like most people, we have taken full advantage of our glorious summer heatwave. Sustained hot weather is something we don’t get to experience very much here in the UK! The downside, however, is that many people are finding it difficult to sleep because of the heat.

Partly this is the way our buildings are designed – to conserve heat rather than keep occupants cool. If you go to Spain or Turkey, houses are designed with cooling marble floors and open spaces to improve airflow, whereas in Texas every house has air-conditioning! Not so here.

Your bed and mattress also play a big part in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep in hot weather. An old, uncomfortable bed will make it more difficult to get to sleep, while some styles of mattress are inappropriate for very hot nights, especially if you happen to be a hot sleeper.

Personal Advice

What we can do is advise you on the best type of bed and/or mattress for all-round use for your style of sleeping. After all, the heatwave won’t last forever, so it’s important you have a bed and mattress that keep you comfy all year round. There will normally be a range of good options, depending on your height, weight, bone condition, whether you share a bed with your partner, and how restless a sleeper you are.

Every person will have a different ideal type, which is why we strongly recommend people come in and view the beds and mattresses for themselves in our showroom. Don’t just buy a bed online, as this may not be the best choice for you.

Our sale runs until Saturday 2nd September, so come and view our availability and grab yourself a bargain!

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