Reasons to Buy A New Bed Frame, Or Replace Your Bed Frame

As sleep is central to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, choosing a bed worthy of such an important role is worth some contemplation.

Reasons To Buy A New Bed Frame, Or Replace Your Bed Frame

Life is full of changing circumstances that instigate the purchase of a new bed. From a house move to the beginning of a new relationship, buying a new bed can mark an exciting new chapter. However, there are also times when a new bed is needed for less appealing reasons.

The quality of materials and workmanship used to manufacture a bed base can vary significantly, affecting both lifespan and functionality. The following signs are indications that your bed base needs some urgent attention, or requires replacement, to prevent your sleep quality from being compromised:

Cracks / Splits In Wooden Bed Frames

Warping, cracks and splits can be caused by moisture and humidity, moving the bed incorrectly, or accidental damage. Once these problems occur, especially if you notice these signs at the joints, the integrity of the frame has been weakened. As a collapse could result in injury, it’s time to consider purchasing a new bed.

Rusting Metal Bed Frames

Rusting is caused when a metal containing iron is exposed to oxygen over time. The appearance of rust is both unattractive and unhygienic, while rusting metal is also structurally weaker. Regular cleaning with vinegar and ongoing applications of petroleum jelly to the frame can help maintain an iron bed, however, this is not everyone’s idea of fun.

Damaged Slats

Bowed or cracked slats reduce support for the mattress, causing the mattress to sag, leading to potential discomfort. These slats are likely to break eventually, placing further pressure on the remaining slats and on the mattress. If the frame is otherwise in good order, you may wish to source replacement slats.


A bed that squeaks every time you move can be embarrassing and disturb sleep quality. This is an indication of loose joints. If tightening the joints fails to improve the situation, a new frame may be the best option for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Outdated Style

Fashions and tastes change, or you may simply have grown tired of the appearance of your bed. If you’re looking to update the style of your bedroom to create your dream scheme, a beautiful new bed can act as a statement centrepiece.

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