Product Overview: The Violet Furniture High Footend Range

With their elegant proportions, and shaped for comfort, nothing says style like a high footend bed. Notable for graceful lines and rich, rustic character, the Violet Furniture range is a particularly stunning addition to the collection.

What Is Included?

From luxurious sleigh-shaped bedsteads to carefully smoothed dressing tables, wardrobes, and mirrors, the Violet Furniture range provides timeless elegance for any bedroom. The range has many options. Whether your vision is for a gallery mirror, cheval mirror – or a wardrobe with three doors rather than two – this range has everything you may need to furnish the bedroom of your dreams.

Design Intentions

Inspired by the furniture found in historic French chateaus, the Violet Furniture range gives rustic elegance a clean, modern twist. The dark hues tumble with swirls of brooding violet, which dissolve into the warm chocolate colours of polished Havea wood. The furniture is designed to have presence, yet not be overbearing.

The effect is one of historic luxury, especially when paired with fresh white linen and a dash of fresh lavender.

Bespoke Features

Violet Furniture provides stability and comfort. Strong, solid, and beautiful in its simplicity, the range makes use of careful geometry and high quality materials to ensure a good night’s rest.

Which Other Products Go Well?

The beauty of rustic themed furniture is that you can use your imagination to design the space. The Violet Furniture range creates a powerful visual statement when the entire room is themed. A large wardrobe – or armoire – is a must when going for the authentic French look. Equally important in French design is soft lighting, so consider adding small chests and cabinets so that you can have unobtrusive table lamps rather than a glaring overhead bulb.

The Violet Furniture high footend bed is the centrepiece of the collection. Their other furnishings and accessories make a delightful addition to the bedroom and can even be used in other rooms of the house. Drop by to experience the range for yourself at our showroom in St Albans or Hemel Hempstead. We look forward to seeing you!

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