One-Sided Mattress Vs Two-Sided Mattress: Which Lasts Longer?

To flip or not to flip? This question bothers the majority of mattress owners. Is there a single answer to this question? Perhaps one of them lasts longer than the other? At Bedknobs, we took a close look at these two mattress types in order to give you a few definite answers.

Back in the 20th Century when the only mattress you could buy had springs in it, such questions didn’t even arise. All the mattresses were two-sided. When foam came around in the 1970’s, non-flipping mattresses made their way to the market. That’s when new questions appeared.

Do You Need To Flip Mattresses?

If your mattress has fibre padding, such as wool, cotton, and polyester, it needs to be flipped from time to time in order to perform better. Fibres tend to settle while you sleep on the mattress. With time, the performance of such a mattress worsens. However, flipping ‘fluffs up’ the fibres, making them as good as new again.

If your mattress has a foam padding, it doesn’t need to be flipped to improve the sleeping experience. However, some users report that they have seen improvement after flipping. In any case, the foam mattress is unlikely to last longer if flipped. Meanwhile, innerspring and hybrid mattresses benefit from flipping every few months.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of single and double sided mattresses…

One-Sided Mattress: Pros And Cons

These mattresses can only be used on one side. Flipping them will reduce your sleep quality since the bottom part is designed for mattress support rather than the comfort of your body. These mattresses are also called pillow top mattresses. The top layer looks different from the bottom and resembles a pillow.

You can extend the lifespan of such a mattress by rotating it so the head end switches with the leg end. This distributes weight and helps your mattress last longer.


  • One-sided mattresses are innovative and often feature memory foam
  • Don’t need to be flipped (fewer worries)
  • Big variety on the market


  • Don’t last as long as the two-sided mattresses.

Two-Sided Mattress: Pros & Cons

These mattresses need to be flipped on a regular basis in order to improve the sleeping experience. They look the same on both sides. Such mattresses usually have springs and fibre padding. They offer the same support to your body no matter how you position them. These mattresses can be both flipped and rotated.


  • Longer lifespan
  • Big variety on the market
  • Usually, have a reasonable price tag


  • Requires occasional flipping. This isn’t really a downside, although you may need two of you to turn a large mattress.

Does A Non-Turn Mattress Last Longer Than A Two-Sided Mattress?

No, it doesn’t. Just the opposite in fact. A two-sided mattress lasts about twice as long as a one-sided mattress since you give each side 50% less stress.

If you want to purchase a non-turn mattress, which lasts as long as a two-sided mattress, you would need to pay a higher price. For example, if a non-turn and two-sided mattress each cost £599, the latter will last about twice as long as the former. If you purchase a higher quality one-sided mattress for about £899, it may last as long as the two-sided mattress for £599.

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