How To Choose The Correct Type Of Mattress For You

A mattress can aggravate any existing back problem by either being:

1) Too Old – A mattress older than its life expectancy will not be giving the correct support for the body.

2) Too Hard – If your mattress is too hard, a build up of pressure will occur in the hips and shoulders, making the body want to turn a lot, looking for a comfortable position.

3) Too Soft – Problems in the lower back can be aggravated if the mattress is too soft.

For a back sufferer, finding the right mattress for the, is crucial to alleviating any condition. As all humans are different, it is important to try mattresses in the showroom and work with the bed expert to make the right decision.

People develop their own natural sleeping positions, we only recommend that the customer lay in the position (side, back or front) which is most comfortable to them. It is essential that they lay in the position/positions in the showroom the same way as they would at home.

When trying a mattress in the showroom, it MUST be tried on the same type of base that it will be put on at home. The difference in feel, firmness and support will change depending if it is going onto a sprung timber slatted base or a convestional solid slatted base.

Pro’s & Con’s

Sprung Base/Sprung Timber Base

A person looking for an extra amount of pressure relief is (i.e softness) will benefit by having a mattress on a sprung divan base or a sprung timber base. The base will work with the mattress, making it feel softer than on a straight solid slatted base or a hard top divan base. This extra ‘give’ can be the difference, especially for a side sleeper where pressure can build up on the hips and shoulders, between finding a comfortable and tossing and turning all through the night.

Hard Top Divan/Solid Slats

People needing a much firmer support it is initial to have the right base, i.e a hard boarded base or a solid slatted base. A hard base can make a mattress feel twice as firm as it can do on a sprung base.

The most reliable procedure in choosing a supportive mattress is working with your bed/mattress expert in the showroom.

At Bedknobs, you will be encouraged to try different types of mattresses, and by giving you feedback to help you eliminate the wrong types of mattress and help you home in on the correct type of mattress for your own personal requirements.

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