Choosing The Best Mattress For An Overweight Sleeper

Even though plus size sleepers have the same sleeping and back problems as others do, they need to take a slightly different approach to choosing the right mattress. There are several things to consider before diving into the sea of high-quality mattresses.

Mattress Longevity

In order for the mattress to last long, you need to invest a reasonable amount of time and money in its quality. Overweight people apply more pressure to their mattress causing it to wear out more quickly. This means that cheaper mattresses will need to be replaced more often and could cost you more in the long term than investing a bit more in a better quality model that lasts 2-3 times as long!

At Bedknobs, we have a wide mattress selection for our overweight clients. All you have to do is tell us your budget, bed base preference, sleeping style (side, front, back) and a little about your sleeping habits. We will show you the variety of suitable mattresses available in our showroom – then let you take the time you need to make a personal choice. You will have as much time as you wish to test the mattresses until you find the ideal option.

Foam Encapsulated Edge

Foam encapsulation encases the inner part of the mattress with a supportive and durable foam edge. Such an edge reinforces the whole mattress construction. It can prevent sagging and deal with the “roll-off” shape.

Many people prefer to sit on the edges of their beds before going to sleep or after waking up. While sitting on the edge, an overweight person exerts substantial pressure, reducing the longevity of the bed and creating the “roll off” form. The foam-encapsulated edge can reinforce the bed, allowing it to last longer.

This option also maximises the sleeping space of your mattress, making it more comfortable, especially if you are sleeping with a partner.

Reinforced Rod Edge

The majority of sprung mattresses come with a rod edge. It frames the spring unit to help keep the springs in place. Such edges prevent the “roll off” feeling and help the mattress last longer without sagging. If you are overweight, you may want to consider stronger and thicker rod edges to make bed edges more durable. Even more edge support can be achieved by adding extra butterfly springs to the unit. When you come to Bedknobs, our experts can provide extensive information on various types of edge reinforcement.

Hand Side Stitched Borders

If you are opting for a luxury mattress, you may want to consider a hand side stitched option. It provides more support to the edge of the mattress and helps it maintain its shape longer. The craftsmen tie the outer mattress materials to the inner mechanism, making it much more durable.

Since this job requires a high skill level and a formidable amount of time, the cost of such mattresses may be higher than other models.

Spring Durability

If you are looking for a spring mattress, it’s not always the number of springs that matters (many low quality mattresses boast that they come with hundreds of low quality springs!). The springs must be made with a good quality wire. The wire thickness (also called wire gauge) is important for the spring durability. The thicker the wire or the larger the gauge of wire is, the stronger the springs are, and the longer they’ll last.

Padding Quality

Overweight people are advised to look for high durability in mattress padding. The quality, thickness, and density of padding are highly important.

At Bedknobs, we are always glad to walk you through our most durable mattresses while explaining the ultimate thickness, spring quality, and padding density indications. Give us a call or visit our showroom to find the ideal mattress for your needs.

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