Brand Profile: Somnus

Somnus is one of the oldest bed and mattress manufacturers in the UK. Established back in 1840, the company has been bringing top-quality furniture to the UK audience for almost 180 years. You too can enjoy Somnus quality in your bedroom, courtesy of Bedknobs!

Bed manufacturing technologies have changed dramatically since the mid-19th century! Somnus follows the trends and employs the latest techniques for creating top-notch beds, mattresses, and beyond – without compromising on their reputation for hand crafted quality.

Somnus uses a wide variety of sturdy and long-lasting materials to improve the construction of each new bed. The company owns a farm where it harvests the natural components for all the products it sells, including sustainably farmed wool from Somnus’ own sheep herd, and slow grown, FSC-compliant timber.

Somnus Mattresses

Somnus are known for their mattresses as well as beds. They use a unique Sensa iP pocket spring system, which makes their mattresses different from anything else available on the market today. One Somnus mattress model contains a whopping 20,000 springs, making it one of the most comfortable and exclusive beds in the world.

Another unique material used for Somnus products is eco-wool from Yorkshire Dales, which is taken from sheep at the company’s farm. The manufacturer works hard to reduce their carbon footprint by producing most of their materials on the farm, thus lowering transportation costs.

Some of the materials you’ll find in Somnus mattresses include:

  • Eco-wool
  • Hemptex – a new natural fibre developed by Somnus on their Yorkshire estate
  • Hand-teased horse hair
  • Natural cotton
  • Natural cashmere
  • Natural silk
  • Mohair
  • Tree silk cotton

Traditional Craftsmanship

Even though Somnus work hard to keep up with the latest bed industry technologies, it still employs a few traditional approaches, such as side stitching and hand sewing. These techniques give their beds and mattresses excellent durability and sleep support.

The Power Of Tradition

The handmade approach to bed manufacturing and design has been used in Somnus for five generations. Each product reflects a proud British bed-making tradition, which has continued uninterrupted for almost two centuries.

Although Somnus thoroughly modern in construction and quality, the mattresses and beds people buy today still have the spirit of an old-fashioned, natural British bed.

Somnus Products

Somnus provide an exciting variety of different products. Luxury and unique design are what make this furniture so popular.

  • Mattresses – High-quality natural materials coupled with the Sensa iP pocket spring system create ultimate support and comfort while relieving pain and pressure.
  • Divans – Come with top-quality handmade mattresses, natural fillings, and luxurious upholstery materials. The choice of support options helps customers pick the best product for their individual needs.
  • Headboards – A wide variety of Somnus headboards range from the traditional to the contemporary. They can either complement or completely change the décor of a bedroom. The variety of available colours and fabrics ensures that each customer can find the best option for their home and sleeping preferences.

From The Showroom To Your Bedroom

Top quality combined with inspirational design make Somnus a wonderful choice for anyone who cares about their sleep quality and old fashioned handicraft. Let us help you choose the right Somnus product for you! Visit one of our bed show rooms today and see a selection of Somnus mattresses, divans and headboards for yourself.

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