Brand Profile: Millbrook Beds

Millbrook Beds manufacture handmade English beds to be sold in the UK and beyond. Their careful approach to the needs of their audience coupled with top-notch natural materials makes Millbrook products some of the most sought after in the country.

Millbrook’s craftsmanship bring about elegantly designed beds that don’t just contribute to the interior design of a room but make sleep something to truly look forward to.

Handmade Mattresses

While factory mattresses can provide sufficient comfort for a person’s good night sleep, hand finishing is what makes the difference between “normal” and “excellent”. The mattress experts at Millbrook Beds specialise in pocket springs. Each spring is individually hand nested in a separate pocket to provide high levels of support.

The patented Zonal edge springing makes the mattress sides extra strong while eliminating the “roll off” factor.

Each Millbrook mattress is hand-side stitched to keep the outer springs secured to the border at the top and bottom. Side stitching is a complicated procedure which requires substantial expertise. That’s why Millbrook Beds employs a team of experienced upholsterers. As a result, the sleeping area of Millbrook mattresses is extended while the life expectancy increases dramatically.

Timber Divans

Millbrook Beds offer divans made of warm, high quality timber. All wood is sustainably purchased from FSC-certified forests. These well-managed forests allow timber harvesting without a negative effect on the local environment and wildlife.

High-quality timber is the key to the divan’s longevity, the calming smell of natural wood, and comfortable sleep.

A Touch Of Nature

Millbrook Bed offers natural and eco-friendly materials to add extra comfort and support to their furniture.

  • Natural Wool
  • Natural Cashmere
  • Natural Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Natural Pashmina
  • Natural Silk

Luxury & Practicality

Millbrook helps its clients find the delicate balance between luxury and practicality. By creating high-quality beds, the company allows people to see the difference between regular furniture and elegance coupled with comfort.

Millbrook’s customers know what they want from a bed: comfort, beauty, and quality. People who buy these mattresses and divans expect them to last for many years without losing even a fraction of their durability, comfort, and stylish appearance.

Even though Millbrook Beds still employ hand stitching, this doesn’t keep them from using the latest technologies to create some of the best beds on the UK market.

A Little History

Walter Croll founded Millbrook Beds in 1946. Initially the small upholstery and bedding shop took orders from numerous majestic cruise ships that entered Southampton. Mr. Croll worked hard to build a professional reputation, which helped him get a large contract with Union Castle Line.

Over the years, the company grew and developed to cater to the needs of luxury liners. Eventually, Millbrook Beds made a decision to service other customers as well. High-quality furniture, bedding, and upholstery are now available to clients from all over the world.

Millbrook Beds From Bedknobs

When it comes to comfortable sleep, beds and mattresses made by Millbrook Beds are among the best that money can buy. To see for yourself, please come along to our bed show room at either St Albans or Hemel Hempstead. No appointment necessary.

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