Brand Profile: Highgrove Beds

Founded in 2002, Highgrove Beds Ltd is one of the leading bed and mattress manufacturers in the UK. It offers a wide variety of mattresses, divans, and headboards. All their products are made of high-quality materials using the latest manufacturing technologies. As one of Highgrove’s approved supply partners, you can access their exciting and regularly updated range of products through one of our Bedknobs bed stores.

Company Background

Highgrove is an active member of the National Bed Federation. Their UK-based factory allows them to produce over 20,000 beds per month, making its products available to a wide British audience.


Highgrove Beds have a FASTER SLEEP delivery service, which brings beds and mattresses to retailers within a week. Unlike some other bed manufacturers, Highgrove make sure the customers don’t have to wait for their beds thanks to having its own fleet of distribution vehicles.

Options For All Budgets

The Yorkshire-based company cares about providing comfort to customers with different budgets. Highgrove create mattresses and beds which are accessible to a general audience on a modest budget. Meanwhile, they also offer luxury products for people who want the highest level of comfort.

A Growing Reputation

Highgrove is one of the fastest developing companies on the UK bed market. This manufacturer works hard to expand and produce as many products as possible in the shortest period of time. This approach doesn’t affect the quality of the beds in a negative manner. Just the opposite: the company uses its impressive experience to create better and more affordable models year on year.

Highgrove Beds manufacture beds and mattresses that can substantially improve any bedroom experience. Natural and durable materials coupled with the latest mattress technologies allow Highgrove to maintain its hard won reputation for excellence.

Materials & Technologies

Highgrove use the following materials to create luxury beds:

  • Natural cashmere
  • Natural silk
  • Natural wool
  • Latex
  • Gel

The company employs Ergo Sense soft foam and memory technology to create some of the most comfortable mattresses in their price range. At the same time, they produce spring mattresses for extra firmness and pressure relief.

Highgrove Mattress Collections

Highgrove Beds offer several popular mattress collections, including:

  • AdvantEdge – high-density foam mattresses without the “roll off” factor. The technology extends the sleeping area of the mattress by supporting the edges. The collection features latex and memory foam mattresses.
  • Natural Collection – Pocket spring mattresses with luxurious upholstery. These mattresses feature all-natural materials, including wool, silk, and cashmere.

Highgrove also offer a wide range of bed bases, which come in different sizes, materials, and colours.

Highgrove Beds From Bedknobs

Whether you choose a spring divan, a pocket spring mattress or a memory foam bed, Highgrove makes sure you get the highest quality coupled with utter comfort. All Highgrove beds serve for many years without losing their properties. For an extensive selection of Highgrove products at attractive prices, please pop into one of our bed showrooms in Hemel Hempstead or St Albans.

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