3 Common Mistakes Backache Sufferers Make When Choosing A Mattress

Back pain sufferers are ready to do everything possible to eliminate the problem. That’s why they often become targets of misleading advertisements. Many companies offer a miracle cure to people who choose a certain mattress.

Unfortunately, the one single magic mattress for all back pain sufferers does not exist. Each person with back pain needs to take an individual approach to choosing a bed. This isn’t to say, however, that some types of mattress are better for back ache sufferers than others. We can help you choose the right one for your budget and sleeping preferences.

In the meantime, avoid these common mistakes that many people make when choosing a mattress for backache.

1) Trying To Save Time

In the modern world it’s hard to find someone who isn’t in a rush. Adults are always running somewhere, trying to catch up, grab the last chance and earn more money. That’s why when they see an opportunity to buy something online without having to visit a store, the majority happily grabs it.

When it comes to mattresses, such an approach can have unfortunate consequences. A mattress purchased online is a roll of the dice. It may look wonderful, cost a lot of money, feature excellent materials, and….be completely unsuitable for you. The wrong mattress can easily intensify your back pain rather than ameliorate it.

At Bedknobs, we know how important your time is – but it is worth spending a bit of time testing your mattress rather than buying online. That’s why our showroom is open Monday through Saturday. Find a convenient date and time to test the mattress before buying it.

2) Focusing Solely On The Price

Many people believe that the more expensive a mattress is, the better it suits them. Even the most expensive mattress can turn out to be a bad choice for a back pain sufferer. Others put off mattress replacement because they believe it’s too expensive. So they end up sleeping on an old bed, which worsens their back pain.

Finding the best mattress for your budget is possible. It does not necessarily have to cost thousands of pounds to help you deal with your pain, nor necessarily be a specialist orthopaedic mattress. Forget about the price for a few minutes and test the beds we have in our showroom. You may be pleasantly surprised with the price tag of the mattress you end up choosing.

At Bedknobs, we know that price can be deceptive. We are not after selling you our most expensive mattress. We focus on making sure you are happy with your purchase.

Other mattress retailers, replace personal testing and advice with an at-home trial period. We believe that it’s better to make the right purchase today than to keep replacing the mattress every 3 months until you find the best model.

3) Ignoring Your Wishes

People with back pain tend to do a lot of research about their condition and the mattress type to suit it. You may have read articles which recommend a certain kind of mattress for a certain type of pain.

You come to the showroom determined to buy the mattress described in the article, take it home, and find out that you feel uncomfortable. What do you do? Use it anyway? Wrong decision.

When it comes to choosing a mattress, ignoring your preferences is the wrong way to go. An uncomfortable mattress can intensify your back pain and make your nights miserable.

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