Sycamore 1000 Mattress


  • Made in the UK by Highgrove Beds
  • 1000 Pocket Springs – Quantity of pocket springs relates to a UK 5′ Kingsize mattress
  • Upholstered with wool, cotton, cashmere and silk
  • Double sided turnable mattress – Regularly turning a mattress will even the wear of the fillings and extend the overall lifespan
  • Hand tufted mattress
  • Flag stitched side handles
  • Medium to Soft feel
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • This is available with all tailoring options
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The Sycamore 1000 is a very popular medium to soft mattress of ours, made in the UK by leading bed manufacturers. The mattress consists of a medium 1,000 pocket sprung unit, which works in complete harmony with the sleeper’s body to both support and minimise pressure points, along with comfortable, sumptuous fillings.
The mattress is upholstered with carefully selected fillings such as: Pure Lamb Wool, added Silk, Cashmere and soft Cotton, renowned for its breathability and body moisture management.
The mattress is wrapped in a Luxury breathable stretch fabric cover for added comfort and is finished with hand tufted Woollen Rosettes which helps hold all the fillings securely in place. The Sycamore 1000 is a turnable mattress. You will need to turn and rotate the mattress regular to get the full life of the Sycamore 1000. The more you turn and rotate, the longer the Mattress will last you.
The Sycamore 1000 is best suited to those who like a medium to soft, supportive mattress with a comfortable sleeping surface.

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Single 3', Small Double 4', Double 4' 6", Kingsize 5', Superking 6'